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 Enviromental statement  
HKS Energie- und Umwelttechnik GmbH Novesiastraße 56 41564 Kaarst-Büttgen info@HKS-Energie.de
   The management and all employees of HKS Energie- und Umwelttechnik GmbH have committed themselves to environmental protection in all areas of our activities. We actively pursue the aim of making an important contribution to conserving and improving environmental conditions through our knowledge and actions “With energy for environment” (Hee - HKS 2007) We pay particular attention tou our working environment, the optimisation of systems to generate energy, and thermal waste disposal. In this way, we make a menaningful contribution to improving plants, in terms of both ecnomics and, above all, environmental friendliness Our guiding principles are: Besides having an economic benefit for the plant operator, every process and optimisation project in wich we are involved should also offer an environmental benefit. Each contribution to reducing pressure on the environment is a contribution to the common good. An increase in availabilities, travel times, service lives and the establishment of optimal controlled operation minimises the time during which the plant is operated in an unstable, and therefore environmentally harmful manner. The selection of materials, manufacturing and assembly techniques, and the commissioning, operation and maintenance of technical systems are carried out by us while taking into account these principles. Through continuous self- study and involvement in corresponding boards and expert committees, we make sure our knowledge is always up- to- date. At the same time, we want to apply our knowledge and give everyone easier access to environmetnally friendly technologies. Help to implement our guidng principles successfully and profitably for yourself, for our environment and to achieve our goals. It’s worth it.    
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